Long ago (like 2009), a “generation” was defined by traditional demographics and Mad Men told us how to reach them. Now Generation C, the connected consumer, is defined by a digital, mobile, real-time, always-on lifestyle. This lifestyle has changed everything we know about acquiring, engaging and activating consumers.  In the process, it’s created an enormous opportunity for courageous small and mid-sized brands to meet the right consumer, telling the right stories, in places where they can win.

Yet, many wine brands (we affectionately refer to them as Winosaurs) still follow expensive, traditional Mad Men methods that are not in their best interest. They pay enormous fees for single, anonymous touches through TV, print, PR and POS. Touches that have little chance of building brand or driving trial within the deafening roar of traditional media channels.

Through Groove’s Social Publishing methodology, courageous brands are gaining hundreds of unique touches, with real, highly targeted consumers (people who have self-identified as being “interested in your offering”) for pennies on the dollar.  And make no mistake, these are powerful “opt-in” touches with known consumers. Based on actions, reach and engagement, brands discover what content resonates with which consumers, in which regions, and then can double down on real opportunities that drive ROI.

Why is this type of engagement so important?  Because Generation C consumers are now significantly involved with brands they follow. They help determine the messaging, advertising, and new product rollouts.  They even decide what brands are a good fit for which friends.  Courageous brands know this and are making an impression instead of merely paying for one. They smartly use their talents and resources to forge a different kind of relationship with consumers. A relationship only social publishing can deliver.

The meteor is here.  Companies like Treasury and Constellation have already evolved away from being Winosaurs. You should too. Groove’s Social Publishing strategy is here to help get you get started.