The full value of your brand in every sales call
Groove combines technology and storytelling to change the way producers go to market
Track all activities, engagement and compliance of wholesalers, retail partners and employees
In-market, dynamic presentation builder per account, per brand, per visit
In-market, dynamic presentation builder "per account, per brand, per visit"
Compelling brand storytelling that drives sales acceleration

Our Story

World class digital sales book

Wingman is a comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales channel specifically tailored to the wine and spirits industry. Based on who you are, what you’re permissioned to see, where you’re located and how you’re selling, Wingman instantly provides internal sales team, distributor wholesalers, and retail trade accounts with up-to-the-second sales/marketing tools, resources and support tailored to their needs. Initially developed for technology giants Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems, and optimized for alcohol beverage by Diageo and Treasury Wine Estates, Wingman helps producers of all sizes more successfully position and sell their world-class wine and spirits.

Wingman – Wingman

Wingman – Wingman

Groove's Trade Marketing Sales Platform

  • Responsive  (laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Permission-based access
  • Interactive brand/capabilities training
  • Mobile learning
  • Digital asset management
    • all SKUs, all sales data
    • keyword search, metadata driven
    • send, share, upload, download
  • Executional calendar priorities
  • Sell sheet builder
  • Whitespace Finder
  • News/quick info on-the-go
  • Community, peer-to-peer tools
  • Individual reporting/analytics
  • Custom sales tools
  • 24/7/365 support and help desk


Our Work

World Class Software & Storytelling

Groove built its reputation for distance learning, workplace collaboration and sales acceleration through many years with companies like Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems and Ford Motor Company. We simply applied that 3-tier thinking to alcohol beverage and got to work for clients like Diageo North America, DC&E, Treasury Wine Estates, Stoli, Boisset Collection and Proximo.  We combine our Reserve Standards 70-20-10 training methodology and trade marketing creative expertise with world-class technology to ensure that the full power of your brand is present in every sales call.  Take a look.

Meet Your Wingman



First in class, dynamic in-market presentation builder

  • Customizable Presentations
    • per account
    • per rep
    • per visit
  • Video & rich-media based assets
  • Off-line access to all assets
  • You-build/Pre-built options
  • Drag & drop interactivity
  • Share & email functionality
  • Profit calculator feature
  • Favorites archive
  • Synchronization with web services
  • Individual reporting and analytics
  • Tracking and usage reporting
  • Apple submission management


Our Value

World Class ROI

Wingman is not a seat-license model – we don’t believe you should pay more to share your story with more people. We’ve embedded within the platform a comprehensive set of communication tools: learning management, digital asset management, content management, calendaring, community,  reporting and interactive selling tools. Combined with our training, creative services and support, Wingman offers everything your sales team needs, under one roof, within a single holistic cost structure, to help you sell more wine and spirits.



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Reserve Rewards

Groove worked closely with the Diageo Reserve Group to create a recognition program that

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World class customer service

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