Later this month Treasury Wine Estates will release the next generation Wingman app for iPad. This completely customizable sales presentation tool enables distributor reps to build and manage rich-media based presentations for individual account visits. The app becomes a digital sales book in market, specifically tailored to the wine and spirits industry. It instantly provides sales teams, distributors and trade accounts with up-to-the-second sales and marketing resources such as pricing, programming, brand overviews, tasting notes, POS collateral, winemaker interviews, profit calculations, accolades, ambassador and/or instructional videos and current advertising. The app connects with Wingman web services to ensure accuracy and alignment across the organization, while also providing unmatched analytics for management teams. We salute Treasury Wine Estates for being a leader in effective three-tier communications.

The Wingman app for iPad represents a fundamental shift in the way producers, distributors and retailers take wine, beer and spirits brands to market, providing sales representatives the ability to consistently and accurately communicate brand priorities and increase account conversion through digital brand engagement.

  • Increase conversions
  • Increase trade engagement
  • Improve distributor alignment
  • Energize your sales team
  • Access real-time brand assets
  • Drive executive priorities
  • Collect meaningful analytics
  • Reduce education and travel costs

Wingman is licensed by Groove, a digital and social marketing agency. Groove has been delivering trade marketing services to the wine, beer and spirits industry for more than ten years, working with large multinational and small independent producers to get the right message to the right person at the right moment to close the sale. We have successfully worked with more than one hundred distributor organizations, serving more than 10,000 distributor reps, 50K retail accounts and countless internal producer employees. The app includes:

  • Personalized in-market presentations
  • Customized per account, sales rep, visit
  • Pre-built presentations
  • Programs
  • Priorities
  • Launches
  • Off-line access to presentations
  • Drag and drop interactivity
  • Data push to CRM provider
  • Formatting, uploading and testing
  • Synchronization to Wingman web services
  • Assets for 20 SKUs included with license
  • Individual reporting and analytics
  • Outbound email of presentations
  • “Favorites” archive
  • Executive, pre-built presentations
  • Apple submission management
  • Permissioned-based access by asset
  • Automated archiving and notifications
  • Tracking and usage reporting

Contact Sean Dunn for more information and a trial license for the Wingman App.

Sean P Dunn