Groove’s Social Shopping Platform matches the experience of top ecommerce companies like Amazon, Zappos and Etsy. Integrated with Social Publishing, we can now track social and digital engagement, favorite touchpoints, and buying habits to personalize the consumer experience.  The promise of “1:1 behavior marketing in alcohol beverage” is finally here with the launch of Groove’s new Social Shopping platform for Stirrings Mixers. (

The site lives on a Magento backbone and includes data integration into eWinery Solutions, Ship Compliant, Famous Food fulfillment, popular social channels, and dynamic outbound email/SMS partners. This innovative ecommerce offering represents a game-changing moment in consumer engagement for this vertical. Through advanced API technology, Groove is linking consumer activity on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) with website and email activity to drive automated and behavior-based email, SMS and text outreach. Simultaneously, this data is being used to dynamically alter website content “per user, per visit, per interest.” The user experience will change based on what we know about each consumer at each point of entry. Most importantly, the channel is a totally self-contained, completely customizable secure shopping experience – the frustrations of alcohol beverage ecommerce (lock boxes, marginal features, antiquated check out) are gone. Groove is excited to partner with Stirrings Mixers on this groundbreaking program.

The timing of this launch is particularly relevant for wine producers as they struggle to grow their ecommerce and club offerings. As reported by Groove earlier in 2015, a ten-year review of wine ecommerce growth was explained through simple, industry-wide P&L category shifts. Wineries are moving their club shipments and tasting room sales processing to the web cart – accounting for 90% of all sales. Another 5% of all sales are attributed to “winery events.” This means only 5% of all ecommerce sales over a ten-year period are traditional ecommerce (the kind of “search-based e-tailing” we see at Amazon, Etsy, Williams-Sonoma, Zappos and, frankly, everywhere else). Groove’s new Magento-based Social Shopping platform, integrated with Social Publishing, provides a revolutionary means for building new consumer relationships (leads) and driving those leads into conversion touchpoints – through ecommerce, club, local events, regional events, retailer offers and store/restaurant locators.

Today’s most successful ecommerce experiences are made possible when customer data is leveraged to create personal experiences across every branded touchpoint. Social Shopping extends beyond purchase history to unlock non-purchase site behavior and outbound communication action, such as social engagement, email interactions, mobile app download and usage, and off-premise data such as telemarketing behavior and conversion.  That data is then leveraged to drive communication, merchandising, and third party system integration around a 360-degree marketing automation and personalized merchandising experience. This is what a Magento-based commerce platform with behavioral marketing automation offers wineries and spirit partners. We are extremely excited to launch this platform with Stirrings Mixers – and we will be announcing three more winery launches in early 2016. Stay tuned.