For the better part of a decade we’ve been telling winery clients and online retailers that Moore’s Law was going to be our savior. The law states that, “over the history of computing hardware the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years”. Based on that history, we believed that ecommerce technology for the wine industry would follow suit – doubling in quality every few years. However, given the complexity of our compliance laws, the legacy systems coordinating commerce-inventory-fulfillment, and a pricing model that made real technology innovation almost impossible, we discovered that Moore doesn’t like wine – troglodyte!

Today’s most successful ecommerce experiences are made possible when customer data is leveraged to create personal experiences across every branded touch-point. Purchase history is obvious but vital, and usable data exists in non-purchase site behavior and outbound communication action, such as social engagement, email interactions, mobile app download and usage, as well as off-premise data such as telemarketing behavior and conversion. That data is then leveraged to drive communication, merchandising and third party system integration around a 360 degree marketing automation and personalized merchandising experience. This personalized experience extends to all push and pull touch-points and platforms: social, mobile, email, SMS, and on-premise. Imagine a registered user returning to your site, and creating a personalized merchandising experience based these data-points: 1) they liked a few of your Facebook posts concerning a new line of chardonnay, 2) they filled their cart with a case of merlot six months ago, yet never converted and 3) they visited your club page four times in the past twelve months, but never converted. This is what a Magento-based commerce platform with behavioral marketing automation offers wineries.


magentoGroove’s Social Shopping Platform matches the experience of top ecommerce companies like Amazon, Zappos and Etsy. The content marketing strategy tracks social and digital engagement, favorite touch points and buying habits to personalize the consumer experience. This experience, combined with an extensive inventory of curated wines, enables the consumer to discover, explore, and purchase wine regardless of channel. The platform leverages sophisticated APIs into Vin65, eWinery Solutions and WineDirect customer data, shipping, compliance, inventory and fulfillment. It also enables integration with Sail Thru for email and marketing automation, VinoPro for call center and all social channel activities. By connecting into these provider channels via API, Groove is enabling plug-and-play Social Shopping for wine producers without forcing them to change email, fulfillment or inventory partners.

In conjunction with our Social Publishing strategies, Groove can also collect data that can be shared with 3-tier through Wingman. We align your distribution geographies with consumers in those geographies, providing powerful data for the sales representatives prior to going into market. We have the power to align followers and fans (leads) to retailers in their markets carrying our client’s wines. We can geo-target club offerings in areas where distribution options are low. We can also synchronize regional programs with digital offers and engagement. Our Social Shopping platform, working in conjunction with Wingman, completes the circle for wine clients and brings the full power of your brand to market.