Groove is proud to announce that we are launching a Social Publishing strategy for Piccini Wines, through a partnership with Foley Family Wines and Epic Distribution, to build a brand relationship with connected Millennial consumers in the USA. The program includes aggressive message, target and geographic opportunity testing to ensure that we’re getting to the right people, with the right story, in the right places, where Piccini can win.

Piccini is a family. A story of four generations of passion, values and knowledge about Italian wine. As such, Piccini will celebrate American GenX and Millennial men and women who love to have “classic fun”. Born of a wild hair from great, great grandfather Angiolo, Piccini is four generations of passionate people upholding a tradition of fine winemaking while upending wine culture.  From edgy art happenings, to outdoor cinema, to picnics with friends – Piccini will be there, coloring the world a shade more fun. It is a culture of ‘la dolce vita,’ and this time it is orange. Piccini believes it’s time to play with your wine.  Groove agrees.


Our Social Publishing methodology will allow Piccini to build its big brand idea in the smaller, less expensive social and digital channels we know and love. It will provide relevance and convenience conveyed through micro-moments on owned channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and a new US-focused brand site, while simultaneously gaining earned channel reach through print and digital-PR. We’ll sharpen and focus the brand promise as we acquire and engage Millennial consumers who will share with us what they love about the brand. This will create an emotional connection that grows into real advocacy. Advocacy that translates into additional reach and touches, with a growing number of consumers, at no additional cost.

The Piccini Social Publishing program will gain 100,000+ new US advocates in its first year, driving reach well over 5,000,000 people and impressions past 30M+.  It will also create “liquid to lips” opportunities in strategic US markets as Groove launches consumer focused “Orange Parties” in conjunction with trade events. Most importantly, our process will identify the most relevant and meaningful “reason to believe” and will share them with hundreds of thousands of consumers. This combination of targeted acquisition and meaningful engagement will create enormous warm impressions and focused reach for the brand – ensuring that Piccini earns consumer trial in strategic geographies and optimizes the Millennial opportunity in the US market.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-12-37-13-pmAbout Groove’s Social Publishing:  With limited brand awareness, high category fragmentation and relative scarcity in market, most brands cannot afford to play the Mad Men game. Instead, Groove seeks out consumers who are predisposed to your brand promise and most likely to engage with it.  We create emotional, meaningful connections with these highly targeted audiences and nurture them into advocacy, loyalty and profit.  All for a few pennies per touch. Why pay for an impression when you can make one?