beringer-collage-grey2xGroove’s Social Publishing methodology is not only incredibly effective at acquiring and engaging the right consumer in the places where brands can win. It’s also a powerful way to test brand messaging and market opportunity – quickly and cost effectively. That was the assignment for Beringer.

The problem for this iconic brand was that it had become too many things for too many different types of wine lovers. The portfolio became so large, and at so many price points, that the organization was afraid the brand was losing its premium stature in the marketplace. They were not convinced a single brand strategy would work across the portfolio – and needed consumer insights to know for sure.

Groove developed a multi-channel social and digital publishing strategy that tested core beliefs while acquiring and engaging fans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as through earned-PR, blogger partnerships and focused social advertising. We generated over 50 million impressions, reached more than five million fans with social content, and increased the Beringer advocate pool by more than 100,000 US wine lovers.

What emerged was an umbrella brand story and creative approach that resonated across all income levels. The “Quintessential California” experience, embodied by the Beringer brothers, allowed fans to live the California dream however they chose – on the cliffs in Monterey or at the food trucks of Los Angeles. It offered the California lifestyle to all types of people, and became the precursor to the highly successful “Better Beckons” campaign, launched in 2016.


• California captures the imagination of wine consumers
• Aspirational messaging (better living) resonates at all tiers
• The Beringer brothers’ story creates authenticity


• Generated 50 million impressions and 5.14 million fans reach
• CPA was $0.24, 90% CPC converted into fan acquisition
• Paid tastings at the winery increased 22%, to 75K pours