Traditional marketing methods don’t always reveal who your consumer truly is.  Demographics don’t tell you enough.   Our social media based process reveals who really is interested in what you have to offer.  Sometimes it’s a big surprise, like it was for Chateau St. Jean, Crushpad and Twisted Shotz.

Social media uncovers the truth.  About who you are as a brand and who your consumer really is. You may think a tattooed male millennial is your target market but when swarms of 25 –35 year old women suddenly show up for half the price of your intended audience, you need to adjust the conversation. Case in point, Twisted Shotz.

Independent Distillers turned to Groove to develop its global brand platform and consumer segmentation strategy for Twisted Shotz, and to ignite a digital and social publishing program that would lead the product through trial. While initially launched in the male dominated shots occasion, early insights from Groove’s social publishing efforts revealed huge consumer engagement within the female driven pre-mixed cocktails category. This lead us to reposition the brand from a traditional male-centric offering to the first women’s shot brand ever launched in the USA. The “Women Call the Shotz” program garnered 500,000 followers and more than 14 million warm touches in 2015.

You may think your consumer is interested in your vineyard’s alluvial soil when what they really want to talk about is a woman’s everyday journey.  Case in point, Chateau St. Jean.  Groove created their “The Journey is the Thing” campaign, which rewards women for everyday accomplishments and accompanies their precious “unwind moments.” Our integrated digital campaign included extensive consumer testing via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the website to determine which aspects of “The Journey” best resonated with the target audience. Those interest sets were woven into all digital channels, as well as their Sheryl Crow partnership and tasting room promotions. Loyalty programs were also developed to drive club membership, onsite tastings, events, and e-commerce. Engagement rose 400% in less than 6 months through the insights we uncovered for the brand.

Not to worry.  This is what Facebook is for – discovery.  Your billion-person focus group is waiting and part of our bottom up strategy.  Within 90 days we know who’s interested in your brand, what kind of relationship they want, and what the next steps are necessary to lay down a path to purchase.