When we have somewhere between 7,000 to 8,000 distributors to service, it is important that they are taken care of, and are able to use each of the business portals we manage without any issues or roadblocks. We are here to make that happen. Here are the top five goals our team strives to achieve daily.

  1. Every user’s request is unique to them, so treat it that way. Everyone using the helpdesk is experiencing some sort of issue for the first time, (password not working, videos not playing, etc.,) and they are looking to us to solve their issue(s). Though we may have had variations of this same issue hundreds of times, we need to make sure that we treat each case as if it is our first, offering as much detail as needed, so the client can get their issue resolved as quickly as possible.  As client service technicians, we need to put ourselves in their shoes, and think about what information would best serve us.
  1. Follow up, and follow through. With the number of helpdesk tickets we receive, it would be easy to forget about getting back to someone who has had a technical question that requires some research on our end. We make sure to answer each and every request that comes through the helpdesk, and will at times follow up to make sure the information we supplied was exactly what they needed. We use software that allows us to assign the status of “Pending” to a helpdesk ticket. This way, it stays at the top of the list and reminds us that we need to do some additional work to resolve it.
  1. Don’t take a user’s frustration personally. Believe it or not, not all helpdesk tickets are friendly.  There are times when a user is just not having a good day, and having trouble with a site happens to be the last straw.  Of course it is the system’s fault, and the helpdesk request is written with frustration. We know that the user’s frustration is not with us personally, but with what has happened leading up to their contacting the helpdesk.  We treat all helpdesk tickets the same, no matter if they are incredibly friendly, or not so friendly. Our goal is to solve each and every issue as quickly as possible, so our users can get on with their day.
  1. Go above and beyond. Not all tickets submitted to the helpdesk are requests for technical support. For example, we get a number of users looking for certain wines in their little part of the world, or maybe their rebate check was not for the correct amount. With each and every ticket we receive, we will find the information they are looking for, or at the very least, point them in the right direction.  We know we are representing our clients, and it is important that we treat each helpdesk ticket with the utmost importance. 
  1. Build relationships and build trust. We feel one of the best parts about supporting our clients is building relationships with different distributors, both across the country and beyond.  Over the past few years, we have built a number of business relationships with distributor managers whom we respect, and who respect the work we do for them.