We have discussed repeatedly that Social Publishing is bottom-up brand identity building & lead generation, acquiring & engaging fans who learn to care about your brand; building an army of advocates to drive trial, conversion and loyalty online and in-market.  What social channels cannot do on their own is hope to catch consumers in a shopping mode at the exact moment they’re engaged socially.  This “intent” issue is a driver of some discontent amongst brands and advertisers as it relates to the value of social investment. If you own a well-known brand looking for last mile conversion, the data is pretty clear that social channels are not as effective as, say, email or location apps.  However, if you’re a relatively new or unknown brand looking to expand consumer relationships, social is by far the most cost effective and valuable avenue to acquire and engage consumers. By using Groove’s Social Publishing methodology, our clients pay $1.5-$2/year (yes, per YEAR) to nurture consumer leads 30 to 50 times. No other digital, print, PR, television or radio channel comes close to that ROI – it’s really not even close.

So, how do we conquer the “intent” issue in the social world. Groove follows Google’s direction.  Google’s “Think Insights” group has done an incredible job of monitoring billions of data points to prove “intent” across social/digital channels. They have proven that only 12% of consumers are in late-stage decision modes when active on social channels, while 44% are in consideration modes and another 44% are in awareness modes. This means only 1 in 9 consumers are ready to shop.

However, as you add email outreach the late-stage decisions double and, even better, as the relationship matures and your brand becomes “top-of-mind”, the late stage decisions triple, to 36%.  So, then, how do brands that have built real consumer relationships via social channels effectively convert consumers into customers?  They move the relationship into a 2nd and 3rd channel touches. The Red Sock Society was conceived for Jean-Charles Boisset to do exactly this.

The Red Sock Society is a form of “frequent flyer miles” program run through Facebook, offering wine experiences, access to the wineries and participation in tasting events, as well as product, in exchange for 2nd and 3rd channel touches. We offer red socks to new members, but need a snail mail address to get them the socks. We offer tasting room and events discounts, but need email to deliver the details. We also create promotions on Facebook and Instagram to ensure high engagement on a daily basis. We personalize each touch leveraging Exact Target’s 1:1 behavioral intelligence. Each touch pushes the consumer further across the Google purchase decision funnel, creating a powerful connection between consumer “intent” and conversion. The Red Sock Society is a great way for Jean-Charles to develop a deeper relationship with his “guests” and we are extremely excited to be driving this program for his team.