Everyday social publishing isn’t for the meek.  To keep all our brands relevant to consumers we put all the work on the wall for a healthy debate about what’s working and not working.  Why is it important to do battle?

When you are building brands in the social media space, it’s publishing on steroids.  You don’t publish work once a quarter like traditional print campaigns.  It’s everyday.  And the measurement of that work is everyday too.  To keep our brands relevant to the consumer we need to constantly review the work to see what’s working and not working.

So, with numbers crunched and creative ideas in tow, we put it all on the wall in our weekly War Room and go at it.  Creative themes are challenged; boosting strategies are attacked.  Ad pricing debated. It’s no holds barred.

We’ll bang away at something till we have the best possible outcome.  And, if we see someone else doing something better?  We will study it, debate it, then create a better version of it.   In the end, this rigor  produces results far beyond industry standards.  Pricing gets shaved down and new ideas spring up.  It’s a battle we’re willing to have in order to win new customers for you.