Since the Granholm decision in 2005, the Groove team has promised wine producers that Moore’s Law would soon apply to alcohol beverage. Technology, speed, ease-of-use, mobility, convenience and 21st century commerce best practices would soon follow. Then the global software providers passed due to industry complexity, and regional players like Vin65 and eWinery tried to fill the gap. In fairness, they were never priced to support the required R&D, features, innovation and customer service required to deliver world-class online retail. As one prominent producer said, “we’re choosing between the tallest dwarfs.” More than a decade later, we decided enough is enough.

Groove has merged with Astound Commerce to deliver our vision of “connected digital commerce.” Connected refers to how customers feel about their relationship with a brand (or business). Digital Commerce refers to technologies, devices, channels, activities, partners and peers that enable B2C and B2B connections. Together, Connected Digital Commerce is a transformational promise to master both the technologies and experiences required to build lasting customer-brand relationships.

Astound Commerce has fulfilled on the technology promise for 17 years, with global clients like L’Oréal, Puma, Crocs, Versace, Adidas, Jimmy Choo and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. Groove has delivered B2B (Wingman) and B2C (Social Publishing) digital marketing expertise for global producers like Diageo, Treasury Wine Estates, Campari, Moet Hennessy and Proximo, as well as family producers like Jean-Charles Boisset, Bill Foley and Hess Collections.

Our priority going forward is omnipresent digital commerce, fully integrating world-class technology, and SI, with content marketing, demand generation, 1:1 behavioral lead generation, 3rd party APIs and rich data analytics. For B2B clients, we’re partnering with Salesforce to integrate Wingman within their multi-cloud environment in 2018, with Hybris, IBM and Netsuite interoperability by 2019. The combined company will have $50MM+ in annual billing on a global basis, with offices in San Francisco, Philadelphia, London, Munich and Kiev – as well as satellite offices across three continents.

But let’s cut to the chase: why should you care? Because relationship modeling is the future of marketing, and connections are the DNA driving deeply profound consumer-brand relationships. These relationships, like all good relationships, need constant nurturing, care, and respect to be enduring.  Commerce is simply affirmation that this relationship is meaningful, healthy and respected. To achieve meaningful relationships, we are driving engagement that’s personalized and behavioral-based, grounded in shared values, interests and motivations.  Astound Commerce and Groove have joined forces to address the changing landscape of the customer-brand relationship, connecting leading edge technology with authentic brand relationships to help our clients win in the “Age of the Consumer.” That’s Connected Digital Commerce. That’s us.

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About Social Publishing:  Groove’s digital consumer engagement methodology offers meaningful, relevant, consistent, and engaging micro-moments – and lots of them. As we build relationships, we drive up your brand’s relevancy and with it, drive up the number of micro-moments your brand receives from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest while also creating relevancy with bloggers and tweeters. Traditional agencies, and even some digital agencies, will tell you that you can still “buy your way into this kind of relevancy” through paid search, banner ads and PR.  By using Groove’s Social Publishing methodology, our clients pay $1.5-$2/year (yes, per YEAR) to nurture consumer leads 30 to 50 times. Social Publishing is about creating relationship-driven relevancy.

About Wingman: Wingman is our comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales platform, combining a world-class sales/brand training methodology with a rich, in-market dynamic presentation builder to transform a sales meeting in sales acceleration. Teams using Wingman report 5%-7% increases in YOY conversion – the strategy is that good. Based on who you are, what you have permission to see, where you’re located and how you’re selling, Wingman instantly provides internal sales and marketing teams, distributors (15K+), and trade accounts (30K+) with up-to-the-second sales and marketing resources tailored to their needs. Along with training, the platform includes sophisticated digital asset management, personalized execution plans “by rep and geography,” community support, and always-on services. Our dynamic Presentation Builder allows sales reps to build video presentations “per account, per visit, per SKU,” – and to share them to partners, employees, influencers and consumer advocates.