Groove’s Social Publishing methodology enables big brand thinking to happen in small places. Done well, brands can use social and digital content to test brand messaging, consumer opportunity and commercial viability region by region and person by person. We like to say that Social Publishing is “a billion person focus group” – which is especially important for smaller brands that cannot afford to make the wrong guess on a big program.

Wine brands are notorious for not understanding the chasm between the brand’s self-perception (driven mostly by wine country tourism) and wine consumer perceptions (driven by confused shopper in the wine aisle).  Too often, the wine brand believes its heritage, geography, scores and production process are the “unique reason it exists” while the consumer is communicating that “heritage, geography and scores” all sound alike on the wine aisle.

However, every once in a while, there’s a brand not afraid to stand apart. It remains true to itself while also incorporating the views and feedback of the fans it wants to engage. One such brand is Greg Norman Estate Wines. Greg Norman’s Social Publishing strategy has been nothing short of heroic. The Great White Shark team, in cooperation with Treasury Wine Estates, has boldly sought a relationship with the next generation wine consumer – even though the heritage of the brand is deeply rooted in the last generation. They changed the way they engage consumers, evolving the “Attack Life” mantra for Millennials who are more communal and connected than their predecessors (their parents, to be precise).


Groove used our Social Publishing methodology to test the water with Millennials. We put thousands of pieces of content in play, across social and digital channels, and learned what this audience liked and did not like. We engaged with them, on their terms, and the results to date have been nothing short of amazing. Testing against only 75,000 fans, he brand has generated reach of more than 900,000 people per month with more than 90,000 actions taken – month over month!  Most importantly, all this engagement is content related, not advertising. It’s “white hot” engagement with fans, friends of your fans and friends of their friends.

Themes of “adventure”, “living in the moment” and “the reward is the journey” have struck a chord with Millennials – and they have been flocking to the brand.  Again, it is important to note that none of this engagement is related to advertising impressions as we were not recruiting new fans during the test. The program has been so successful that Greg Norman Estate Wines is getting all this engagement for less than one penny per touch.

gne-article-insertAbout Groove’s Social Publishing:  With limited brand awareness, high category fragmentation and relative scarcity in market, most brands cannot afford to play the Mad Men game. Instead, Groove seeks out consumers who are predisposed to your brand promise and most likely to engage with it.  We create emotional, meaningful connections with these highly targeted audiences and nurture them into advocacy, loyalty and profit.  All for a few pennies per touch. Why pay for an impression when you can make one?