Twisted Shotz is the epitome of a small brand thinking big. Groove built a 500,000-member community for the brand under the banner, “Women call the shots”. We proved a whitespace opportunity existed in the pre-mixed cocktail segment for a brand that gets Millennial women. The brand is driving more than 20 million annual advocate touches in the US, against more than 50 million impressions, helping to propel sales from 10 million to 75 million shots sold.

In 2016, we created the “You Call the Shot!” contest, recruiting brand advocates to create the next tasty flavor. The contest has been wildly successful, with more than 1,000 recipe submissions, hundreds of thousands of advocate touches, and millions of owned and earned brand impressions. In the process, we created an innovation pipeline with deep insights about interests, tastes profiles, geography and loyalty. Our mobile-enabled Facebook app asked three questions: Name your shot, describe your shot, and mix your favorite flavors to create your shot.  The entire process took less than a minute and was easily shareable with family and friends.


We used social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), as well as Digital PR and the brand web site, to invite fans and their friends into the party. An average piece of content reached more than 100,000 fans and friends, and several reached more than 500,000, with more than 15K actions per drop. With the help of professional Mixologists, we narrowed the field to 16 quarter-finalists, and fans then picked Moscow Mule Kick and Pussy Cat as their two favorites. Both flavors will launch in early 2017 with a huge advocate push in priority markets, ensuring that the new flavors will receive massive placement and trial.

“You Call the Shot!” is another example of Groove working with smaller brands to create highly relevant micro-moments to acquire and engage consumers. We make an impression instead of merely paying for one, creating an emotional connection that grows into real advocacy.

article-insertAbout Groove’s Social Publishing:  With limited brand awareness, high category fragmentation and relative scarcity in market, most brands cannot afford to play the Mad Men game. Instead, Groove seeks out consumers who are predisposed to your brand promise and most likely to engage with it.  We create emotional, meaningful connections with these highly targeted audiences and nurture them into advocacy, loyalty and profit.  All for a few pennies per touch. Why pay for an impression when you can make one?