Jean-Charles Boisset is a vivacious wine personality and owner of world-class vineyards in California and France. His 150,000+ fans on Facebook are passionately involved with his vision of wine reimagined. Each month his social channels receive impressions of 450%, reach of 350% and actions of 30% of his total audience – yes, every month! What is it about him that is driving industry-shaking engagement and getting wine fans to join his newly hatched Red Sock Society?

His brand is a charming blend of anti-snobbery doused with intelligent wit, all wrapped in luxurious red velvet and silk.  He calls it “wine reinvented” and Groove has used our Social Publishing methodology to prove that there is an enormous audience for this story.  We are helping the Boisset team acquire highly coveted, regionally relevant fans, and engaging them with compelling storytelling, for less than three cents per touch. This translates into 60-80 meaningful touches per fan at a cost of less than two bucks. Leads we know by name, interests, geography and demographic. No other digital, print, PR, television or radio channel comes close to that ROI.

Where most wine brands only tell the usual story of heritage, wine making and terroir, Jean-Charles is finding some emotional connectivity with fans that go beyond the functional brand benefits. Our social publishing effort tells the story of luxury wine experiences with humor, inspiration, and style.  In effect, Jean-Charles invites people in and offers not only his products but also a belonging that people thirst for.

jc-red-sockThe Red Sock Society is the natural extension of that experience. It’s a digital welcome mat on Facebook and Instagram that encourages his fans to become part of the brand and, in a way, take possession of it.  The “frequent flyer” program is wrapped in lifestyle and shared experiences. It drives trial, conversion and loyalty online and in-market – and provides a fantastic bridge to multiple wine club experiences.

We layered on 1:1 business intelligence tools to gain further knowledge about the storytelling, consumer intent, conversion opportunities and loyalty – which are all paying huge dividends.  It’s an elegant solution, delivered cost-effectively, that helps a Frenchman in red socks forge a more meaningful relationship with a consumer audience thirsty for his vision of wine reinvented.

jc-article-insertAbout Groove’s Social Publishing:  With limited brand awareness, high category fragmentation and relative scarcity in market, most brands cannot afford to play the Mad Men game. Instead, Groove seeks out consumers who are predisposed to your brand promise and most likely to engage with it.  We create emotional, meaningful connections with these highly targeted audiences and nurture them into advocacy, loyalty and profit.  All for a few pennies per touch. Why pay for an impression when you can make one?