050116 -06 The truth about ecommerce

The truth about ecommerce, redux

The data is in, again, and the supposed growth in DTC ecommerce continues to be mostly a myth.  I know, there will be people at Vin65, eWinery, Drizly, Vivino, Amazon and, now, eBay, screaming “foul” as they all continue to …

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050116 -02 Social Shopping 2

Social Shopping – it’s personal.

Groove’s Social Shopping Platform matches the experience of top ecommerce companies like Amazon, Zappos and Etsy. Integrated with Social Publishing, we can now track social and digital engagement, favorite touchpoints, and buying habits to personalize the consumer experience.  The promise …

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Social Shopping – DTC Grows Up

For the better part of a decade we’ve been telling winery clients and online retailers that Moore’s Law was going to be our savior. The law states that, “over the history of computing hardware the number of transistors in a …

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The Truth about E-Commerce

The data is in, and it reminds me again of the Stockdale Paradox: that you face the most brutal facts of your current reality, and retain faith that you will prevail in the endgame.  Here’s what we know about our …

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