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Welcome, Manhattan Toy Company!

While we love wine and spirits, we also love children and toys! Groove has worked with Flax Art, and Leap Frog in the past, so when we had the opportunity to pitch Manhattan Toy Company for all of their …

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Wine Consumers Trading Up in 2015

Silicon Valley Bank released its Annual State of the Wine Industry report in a live broadcast today, indicating accelerating sales growth in the fine wine category of 14% to 18% in 2015. The growth will be driven by a strong …

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Canadian Cocktail Culture

Whether celebrating happy hour, going on a date or indulging in a liquid lunch, Ottawa’s cocktail scene has plenty on tap. Gone are the days when the drink with the most alcohol and sugar was the tipple of the week …

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Ignite the Conversation!

With social media’s explosive influence, people and brands everywhere have a powerful platform to engage with each other and share their recommendations, opinions, and passions. As marketers, this can be a dream come true: We have the ability to have …

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Sit Next To Me

When I go to a dinner party I want to sit next to the person who tells the best stories.  Someone who is charming, funny, smart. Or just very, very interested in me and what I have to say. (The …

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Digital is more than Social PR

We’ve seen divergent thinking over the last few years about the role of digital engagement within marketing and brand groups and, specifically, who should be doing it. Many brands (especially in spirits) count on traditional PR firms to create buzz …

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Brands that Fight Back

Starbucks and Bud Light are fighting back. These two iconic brands lost their way, and as a consequence sales slipped. So how did they get here? And how do they get back? Both brands forgot why people liked (bought) them. …

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