As we told you last month, fans of Twisted Shotz (475,000 of them) are competing to create the next great tasting flavor for the brand – while simultaneously providing deep insights about interests, tastes profiles, geography and loyalty. Groove has used social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), as well as PR and the brand web site, to drive “white hot” engagement. The contest has generated more than 1,000 entries via a mobile-enabled Facebook app that asked three simple questions: Name your shot, describe your shot, and mix your favorite flavors to create your shot.  The entire process took less than a minute and was easily sharable with family and friends.

Not only did we receive more than a thousand entries, but we learned a great deal about our fans interests, favorite ingredients, geographies, demographics and affinity for the brand. With the help of professional Mixologists, we narrowed the field to 16 quarter-finalists, and fans pitched in to help us narrow that field to three finalists: Moscow Mule Kick, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Pussy Cat (a tasty combination of watermelon and Pina Colada). We used boosted posts, web site teasers, influencer outreach and digital PR to find new fans. The average post reached more than 100,000 fans and several reached more than 500,000 fans(!!), with more than 15K actions each.

Fans will now spend the month of August picking the winner and 2nd place finisher. Independent Distillers has committed to putting at least one of these flavors into production immediately (Spring 2017 release) and may add the second or third place finisher into production if the fan pull is strong enough. To ensure placement and trial, Groove has converted all of this fan excitement into sales and marketing material for the in-market sales team. As the internal and wholesaler sales teams gets new placement we will promote their efforts via our posts and store locator to drive conversion.

“You Call the Shot!” is another example of Groove creating highly relevant micro-moments via our Social Publishing methodology. The same types of micro-moments Google is touting through its THINK Group. We test unique reasons your brand exists (through stories like creating a new shot) and marry those reasons to real people who care. Our ability to find and nurture the right fans (lead generation) is by far the best in the category because we specifically attack market opportunities, generate high levels of activation and engagement, and then leverage that engagement to drive trial.

Stay tunes. We’ll let you know who wins next month!

About Social Publishing:  Groove’s digital consumer outreach offers meaningful, relevant, consistent, and engaging micro-moments – and lots of them. As we build relationships, we drive up your brand’s relevancy and with it, drive up the number of micro-moments your brand receives from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest while also creating relevancy with bloggers and tweeters. Traditional agencies, and even some digital agencies, will tell you that you can still “buy your way into this kind of relevancy” through paid search, banner ads and PR.  By using Groove’s Social Publishing methodology, our clients pay $1.5-$2/year (yes, per YEAR) to nurture consumer leads 30 to 50 times. Social Publishing is about creating relationship-driven relevancy.  That’s what we do at Groove.