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70-20-10 Learning

Groove has worked over a decade to create sales excellence and enhancement programs that embrace, and depend on, the 70:20:10 training model.  Pioneered by the Center for Creative Leadership and based on 30 years of study of how individuals learn …

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Treasury Launches Wingman App for iPad

Later this month Treasury Wine Estates will release the next generation Wingman app for iPad. This completely customizable sales presentation tool enables distributor reps to build and manage rich-media based presentations for individual account visits. The app becomes a digital …

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050116 -02 Social Shopping 2

Social Shopping – it’s personal.

Groove’s Social Shopping Platform matches the experience of top ecommerce companies like Amazon, Zappos and Etsy. Integrated with Social Publishing, we can now track social and digital engagement, favorite touchpoints, and buying habits to personalize the consumer experience.  The promise …

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050116 -03 War 2

It’s War.

Everyday social publishing isn’t for the meek.  To keep all our brands relevant to consumers we put all the work on the wall for a healthy debate about what’s working and not working.  Why is it important to do battle? …

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Social Shopping – DTC Grows Up

For the better part of a decade we’ve been telling winery clients and online retailers that Moore’s Law was going to be our savior. The law states that, “over the history of computing hardware the number of transistors in a …

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Welcome, Manhattan Toy Company!

While we love wine and spirits, we also love children and toys! Groove has worked with Flax Art, and Leap Frog in the past, so when we had the opportunity to pitch Manhattan Toy Company for all of their …

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Revolutionizing 3-Tier Digital Engagement

We recently presented at the Wine Technology Symposium in Napa and got to spend time talking about three of our favorite things: wine, business and technology. Industry leaders were buzzing about digital D2C and how to find, nurture and convert …

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Wingman by Groove – iOS App

Wingman represents a fundamental shift in the way producers, distributors and retailers take wine, beer and spirits brands to market, providing sales representatives the ability to consistently and accurately communicate brand priorities and increase account conversion through digital brand engagement. …

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Reserve Rewards

Groove worked closely with the Diageo Reserve Group to create a recognition program that honored high performing sales representatives. The Reserves Honors Program rewarded the Top 10 Reps with a trip to New York City, golf and a brown jacket …

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Wine Consumers Trading Up in 2015

Silicon Valley Bank released its Annual State of the Wine Industry report in a live broadcast today, indicating accelerating sales growth in the fine wine category of 14% to 18% in 2015. The growth will be driven by a strong …

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Canadian Cocktail Culture

Whether celebrating happy hour, going on a date or indulging in a liquid lunch, Ottawa’s cocktail scene has plenty on tap. Gone are the days when the drink with the most alcohol and sugar was the tipple of the week …

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