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Piccini is coming to America

Groove is proud to announce that we are launching a Social Publishing strategy for Piccini Wines, through a partnership with Foley Family Wines and Epic Distribution, to build a brand relationship with connected Millennial consumers in the USA. The program …

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The death of big agencies – why it matters to you

If you’re a marketing professional (particularly in the digital space) and have five minutes to yourself today, you should read David Brown’s article at Marketing Magazine. While the debate about “who’s going to buy digital shops” is itself interesting, …

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The truth about ecommerce, redux

The data is in, again, and the supposed growth in DTC ecommerce continues to be mostly a myth.  I know, there will be people at Vin65, eWinery, Drizly, Vivino, Amazon and, now, eBay, screaming “foul” as they all continue to …

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Mind-changing insights

Traditional marketing methods don’t always reveal who your consumer truly is.  Demographics don’t tell you enough.   Our social media based process reveals who really is interested in what you have to offer.  Sometimes it’s a big surprise, like it was …

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