Facebook Validates Groove’s Social Publishing Approach

The headlines have been ominous. Ad-Age says, “Facebook Cuts Brand Reach Once Again” and Marketing Land writes, “Facebook Organic Reach is Dead”. Even Forrester wrote that “Just 0.73% of top brands engage with each of the Facebook posts. If 98% of your fans won’t see your next Facebook post, and 99.9% won’t engage with that post, this (algorithm) change will only make matters worse.” According to them, the sky is falling, and the top agencies have wasted no time voicing their displeasure. Our favorite headline announces, “Facebook has abandoned social marketing.”

Well, actually, they have not. Under all of the noise, Facebook is really saying this: “If you thought, Mr. and Mrs. Brand, that you could use Facebook as another megaphone (see TV, print, radio, web properties) for your tightly-controlled outbound marketing, and you wanted us to carry that message for you for free, you can forget it. You’re going to pay for the advertising you’re trying to mask as social content.” Groove has spent years mastering our Social Publishing strategy based on the assumption that authentic, meaningful, engaging dialogue (two-way engagement) with consumers would be valued by social channels like Facebook. Yet we watched as big agencies manipulated that value proposition with PR posing as storytelling, contests posing as engagement, and lead generation posing as relationship building. Finally, over the last few quarters, Facebook has said, “Enough is enough.” Given Facebook’s clout, they will undoubtedly cut a wide path for other social channels to follow suit. Enough is, in fact, enough.

Groove could not be happier. We’ve taken the long view on Social, with the belief that real consumer engagement through Social Publishing pays off for our clients. Has it? Let’s look at the numbers: According to Ad-Age and Social@Ogilvy, “Facebook’s average price per ad jumped by 274% year-over-year while the social network served up 56% fewer ad impressions than a year ago.” During that same time frame, the average price per ad for Groove clients has gone down 28%. That’s not a typo. Our model for customer acquisition through Facebook advertising is going down. Ad-Age also found that the “average reach of 106 brands’ organic posts dwindled from 12.05% in October to 6.15% in February.” Meanwhile, average reach for Groove clients routinely exceeds 35%. If you’re curious about our success, take a look at the Facebook audiences for Twisted Shots, Wine Tasting Network and Jean-Charles Boisset. Facebook may be changing the rules, but brands invested in meaningful storytelling and authentic consumer relationships prove that organic reach will never die.

Let’s Do Something Great Together.

“Inspired by You. Ignited by Us.” That’s our promise, and it’s working for our clients. The Wingman platform and expanding Social Publishing footprint are helping wine and spirits producers connect with distributors, trade partners and consumers in ways that are improving the bottom line. Let us help you. We can do something great together.