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    Digital and Social Marketing Agency

    Groove is a digital and social marketing agency. We design and deploy compelling integrated campaigns for the digital economy. Living at the intersection of lifestyle and technology, we find, activate and nurture brand relationships to build an army of advocates. See for yourself.

    cru_vin Cru Vin Dogs The love of wine and dogs
    beringer Beringer Owning Quintessential California
    george_dickel George Dickel Whisky We don’t do easy
    diageo_world_2 Diageo World Transformation sales engagement
    tv_dot_com Getting 1.5 million fans pumped up
    stirrings Stirrings Mixers Rediscovering freshness
    world_class World Class Elevating the Art of the Cocktail
    chateau_st_jean Chateau St. Jean A wine by women, for women
    jwp Johnnie Walker Platinum 18-year-old blended perfection
    kettle_chips Kettle Chips Inventing a chip with 10,000 friends
    treasury_2 Treasury Tru Transform trade communications
    twisted_shotz_2 Twisted Shotz Make weekends epic

    Meet Your Wingman



    Groove’s Proprietary Digital Sales Platform

    Integrated sales knowledge anywhere, anytime, on any device

    Delivery of brand content and sales tools into market has been one of the biggest problems facing wine, spirits and beer producers in a complex three-tier system. Enter Wingman, a proprietary platform that distributes brand knowledge, sales collateral and training seamlessly across the business, enabling producer, distributors, and retailers to easily communicate the full value of the brand in every sales call.

    Wingman is a comprehensive, completely customizable digital sales book. It allows users to deliver “just in time” brand, category, shopper and/or program knowledge to anyone, anywhere, any time on any device. With more than 60,000 users and 90%+ approval ratings, Wingman reduces costs, increases engagement and optimizes every sales opportunity to improve the bottom line.




    Groove believes there are a million people who love your brand who have never heard of it. Engaging them, within their tribes, ignites unlimited brand equity opportunity. We call it Social Publishing because our 360 degree methodology becomes the connective tissue between brand, trade marketing, hospitality, distributor partners, trade partners and end consumers.

    About Us

    Our Talents Lie in Our Talent

    We are more than a digital marketing agency. Those three words — digital marketing agency — cannot adequately sum up the talent that lies behind our doors. We are storytellers, producers, strategists, technologists, designers, filmmakers and wine experts who are passionate about great ideas. Our talents and interests drive our creativity. We understand that creativity ushers in vision and the courage to explore possibilities. Our story is one of determination, skill and the guts to create strong brand stories for a target market that hasn’t met you yet.

    sean_dunn SEAN DUNN OWNER/STRATEGIC PARTNER & The Illustrious Storyteller
    sally_camm SALLY CAMM MANAGING DIRECTOR & Strategy Muse
    peter_ekman PETER EKMAN SENIOR ADVISOR & The Brand Builder
    diane_sinnott DIANE SINNOTT CREATIVE DIRECTOR & World Traveler
    bruce_godshall BRUCE GODSHALL SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER & Geographic Adventurer
    jeff_chelew JEFF CHELEW ACCOUNT MANAGER & The Specialist
    ann_kveglis ANN KVEGLIS PROJECT MANAGER & Outdoor Enthusiast
    andrea_limas ANDREA LIMAS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & Social Maven
    jeet_desai JEET DESAI DIGITAL STRATEGY DIRECTOR & Marketing Sociologist
    josh_lucero_2 Josh Lucero DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER & Interface Obsessive
    zach_van_doren_2 Zachary Van Doren MARKETING TECHNOLOGY LEAD & Strategy Samurai

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